Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Move

I know, I know. These blog updates are getting further and further apart. But any of you who have been keeping up with me on Twitter will know things have been a bit busy of late. Samantha and I have now moved into a flat together and things are going well.
My head is full of stuff I wouldn’t normally have to think about – bills, contracts, direct debits, cleaning, cooking, have I switched the oven off – the list goes on. But I’ve started to relax. We still have a list of things to work on and a few more things to get, but generally speaking, it’s fine.
Rather selfishly, one of my main concerns going into living together was how my own time and hobbies would be affected. I foolishly thought that it would be the end of everything. I’d no longer be going out with friends, playing video games or painting toy soldiers. Comicbooks! Throw them out!
And of course, none of that has happened. There are adjustments to be made and you’ve got to make sure all the really important things are out of the way first, but there’s still plenty of time to live the life you enjoy and have always led. In the first week I’ve put in a good 5+ hours of gaming, been to the cinema with a mate, prepped a model for painting and even had a game of Dreadfleet with Samantha. All without annoying her. Except when she thought I was cheating at Dreadfleet, (She did go onto win though, so everything was fine).
So, all is right with the world.
I still have to get the Internet installed and then acquire a laptop so I’ll be able to get back on the blogging. Until then, bear with me, there’s more to come – as soon as the bed is made and the kitchen floor is swept.

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