Sunday, 12 January 2014

JD's Gaming Awards 2013

Here are my awards in gaming – including only titles I have personally owned and that were released in 2013.

Best Graphics
With beautiful looking games like Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Splinter Cell Blacklist being released on 7th generation consoles in 2013, it seems unfair that the winner goes to a game on the brand new console sneaking in at the end of the year. But there is simply no ignoring Ryse: Son of Rome. The line between cut-scene and gameplay has not just been blurred, but wiped out completely. Stunning visuals.

Best Gameplay
You know what to expect from these games by now, so it’s no surprise that Grand Theft Auto V takes this one.
Best Sound
While they actually have to sort out sound bugs in multiplayer, the Frostbite 3 engine ensures that Battlefield 4 remains at the forefront of game audio.

Best Music
Combining original score with songs old and new, Bioshock Infinite uses music to brilliant affect.

Best Story
A story told without words, yet Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons manages to be an emotional experience.
Best Acting
An award that used to be “Best Voice Acting” needed the name change as so many more games now are using motion-capture instead of simple voiceovers. For flawless and believable performances, this goes to all involved in Grand Theft Auto V.

Most Innovative
While the PS4 is cleverly sending its games to the PS Vita for remote play, I can’t see why that is so great. Why would I spend so much on a new console, just to switch it off and play on a small screen? 
With its snap feature, Upload Studio, cloud-powered features like Drivatar and voice technology, Most Innovative this year goes to the Xbox One.

Best Local Multiplayer
Could have gone to FIFA 14, but this year’s local multiplayer winner is NHL 14. The best in the series so far.

Best Online Multiplayer
In maps, action, player count, and environmental destruction - Battlefield 4 is multiplayer on a massive scale.
Best Dashboard app/feature
Upload Studio (Xbox One) - This allows you to edit, customise and upload your gaming moments to the rest of the Xbox community and has been one of the best features of the console since release.

Special Mention
It might not have won in any of these categories, but it certainly deserves this special mention. A brilliant reboot, amazing visuals, gameplay and story, it’s Tomb Raider.

Best Game
Combining the best of Chaos Theory with the slick new direction of Conviction, Splinter Cell Blacklist was everything I’d hoped for after Conviction rose to the very top of my favourite games. Only Blacklist could topple it, and it did it in style. Brilliant game.


  1. Sony did Remote play first with the PS3 and PSP.

  2. Tis a good read as usual JD and hope I didnt come across as trolling.

    1. Not at all. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I've altered it now anyways.