Wednesday, 4 July 2012

To Infinity and Beyond?

So game "journalists" with too much time on their hands have picked up on the acquisition, by Microsoft, of various domain names and they've singled out one in particular as an indication of what the next console may be called. Xbox8.

Wait. What? Haven't we missed a few steps here? Like Xbox 4 through 7?

Here's their thinking. It was rumoured at some point that the next gen console would be called Infinity. Kick the number 8 over - Virgin Media style - and you have the symbol for infinity. 

Hmmm. Before we get all Dan Brown on this, let's consider:

Microsoft have also bought up domain names for XboxPhone, XboxTablet and XboxLiveTV and with Internet Explorer coming to the console, this may all just be a build up for SmartGlass and other new features already announced at E3.

Then again, the next generation will be the eighth.

It's nice to think the Internet would just wait and see, but expect more and more rumours and leaks as the year goes on.

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