Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Battlefield 3: A Love Letter

Dear Battlefield 3,

The first time I saw you was just a video of your first mission, a simple playthrough. Lots of action and nice atmosphere, but still simple and straight forward. But God, you were beautiful. The lighting, the animations. And the sound! My word, what a voice you had.

And then we met. So often a meeting in the flesh can be a disappointment - the reality struggling to live up to the ideal. But not you. You were everything I'd seen in that first glimpse and so much more. Some spoke ill of your campaign, saying it was trying to imitate the success of others, but I saw a thrilling effort, emotional and varied. Whatever the case, none could argue what you were really bringing to the table. Frostbite 2 - a next-gen engine working on current consoles, pushing them to their limits and giving us visuals and sound quality the likes of which we'd never seen before. What a show you put on.

And that's before I got to the multiplayer - the meat and potatoes of the Battlefield 3 experience. So ambitious, with innovative modes and sprawling warzones. Others who had come before you had taught me little else but selfishness. They were all about my kills and my achievements. You taught me teamwork. You were all about our kills and our achievements. They were I and you were we.

Whether it be reviving squad mates, resupplying their ammo, spotting enemies for others to take down, offering a ride in your many vehicles - your gameplay was so well designed, so brilliantly tuned towards teamwork that it encouraged us all to work as a team even in situations where there were no points to be gained for ourselves. Sights like this amongst the chaos are not uncommon:

Forgive me, I'm rambling and I don't want to keep you. I know you're getting ready for curtain call. As I write this, your Premium members are experiencing your final piece of content and in two weeks, all will be able to access it and witness your last waltz. The End Game.

It is an exciting time, but also a sad one.  I know we have a lot more time to spend together, more memories to create, more Battlefield Moments to experience. But I can't help but think of when we eventually separate, when our time together comes to an end, as all things must. It is on the horizon like a distant silhouette. 
I dread the day when I have to say, "I've met someone else." But I know we'll be ok because we both know who that someone will be. It is you - only bigger, better and fill of all the sights, sounds and moments that can only be found in Battlefield 4.

But let's not think about that now. Let us seize the day and hit the ground running or strap in and take to the skies. Before we draw that line in the sand, before we close the book - let us write that final chapter.


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