Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New Discoveries

Aren’t new discoveries great? The excitement you feel when you discover a new band, or a series of books you’d never read before.

Well over the last few months I’ve experienced quite a run of new discoveries and I just wanted to share them here.

While I’ve never seen the tv show, I decided to buy the first book in The Walking Dead series of graphic novels and loved it. The atmosphere, the characters. Brilliant stuff. I’m currently working on the fourth and I know I’ve got a lot of zombie goodness still to come.
On the TV – late to the party again – I discovered Sherlock and Boardwalk Empire. I’ve now seen the first two series of the former and I’m working through season 1 of Boardwalk Empire. Really good on both counts.

And then there are the card games. Boy have I fallen big time for these. I bought Infiltration after reading this article by Robert Florence and since then I’ve also picked up The Lord of the Rings – The Card Game, Android: Netrunner and Elder Sign. I’ve joined board/card gaming forums and I’ve even bought sleeves to protect my cards. I wasn’t looking for another hobby, but this one found me and I’ve had a great time introducing my friends to these games.

Expect more from me on these games and my journey through my new found hobby in the coming months.
I just need a new band to listen to and get obsessed with now. Maybe I'll find one at Eurovision.

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