Monday, 26 August 2013

A:NR Server Interruption: Team Covenant

We interrupt our usual Android: Netrunner blog series with this public service announcement:

Now GenCon is over and Zach at Team Covenant posted this video to say thanks to their supporters, it felt the right time to say a thank you back.

I discovered Team Covenant while researching Netrunner ahead of my purchase of the game – watching their data pack unboxing videos and their regional games with commentary. I was immediately taken with how well the videos are put together and the likeability of the guys involved, their enthusiasm for the game playing a major role in my decision to buy.

Team Covenant is a website, YouTube channel and retail store in Tulsa Oklahoma, set up by a small group of friends with a love of boardgames, card games and a vision - a mission statement, if you will - called Gaming Reborn. In short, their aim is to move the hobby out of the stuffy basements and into the wider community where it can connect people from all walks of life. 
They approach this task in a rather unique way in that they only stock and post content for games that they love to play themselves, look great and are made by good companies that can be relied on to support their customers.
Currently, TC supports the FFG games X-Wing, A Game of Thrones, Android: Netrunner, Star Wars: The Card Game and The Lord of the Rings LCG, as well as the table-top miniatures game Infinity from Corvus Belli, The Spoils - a card games made by Tenacious Games as well as a number of other boardgames and RPGs.

In their store they hold tournaments that are regularly live streamed and on their YouTube channel you will find many videos of developer interviews, unboxing expansion packs and commentating on regional tournament games.

As a Brit, to me all Americans seem to have a natural gift for speaking, where as we have to work at it. Either that or they make great effort look easy! The four main chaps of Team Covenant – Robert, Tim, Steven and Zach – are not only very knowledgeable about their hobby and work, but are also great on camera – clear, concise and very watchable. This coupled with infectious enthusiasm makes for a great and fun experience on the YouTube channel that I can’t praise enough.

Their website is well designed and has a great following; with new blog content posted regularly that is interesting and informative regardless of what game you play.

Living near Sheffield, I am duty-bound to support my local store when it comes to buying my games, but if I lived in the US, I would certainly look to their website as my main source. Not only do they have a great selection of games, but they have a subscription model where expansions for your favourite games can be automatically delivered to you on release. For more information, go here.

Final thoughts:

Team Covenant is an exceptional YouTube channel and website, run by a brilliant group who love what they do – and it shows.

Oh, and Robert has an amazing beard.

With a massive pond between us and Life’s tendency to get in the way, it pains me to think I might never get to meet these guys and shake their hands (and perhaps lose a couple of games of Netrunner to them). Maybe one day they’ll make a trip over here to cover some gaming event – in which case, I’ll be there like a shot.

Until then, I will continue to Like, Share, Retweet and support the site however I can.

Team Covenant - Thank you.

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