Saturday, 22 September 2012

Blog Update

When I started this blog my posts and updates were frequent. Often several in a week. Then it calmed down and settled into a one a week update.

The past fortnight, however, there hasn't been one. First off - the explanation. I've been pretty busy in my spare time sorting the move into a flat with my fiancee.Yes, it's time to make that first grown up step. I've fought it for too long.

I expect the next month or so will continue to be busy, but fear not, there are blog posts still planned.

Coming soon:

Tom and Me: Part 4
NHL 13
Games Day 2012

And also, I thought I'd do a few blogs about the flat and the move. As much as this blog has stuck to my hobbies, it would be wrong to ignore something as momentous as moving out of the home you've lived in forever and heading out to fend for yourself.

So, have faith, stay tuned. There's more to come from JD's Blog.

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