Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Android: Netrunner - My Journey in a Dystopian Future - Part 14: Opening Moves

It’s exciting times in the world of Android: Netrunner as we begin a whole new cycle – the Spin Cycle. I’m a bit disappointed the data packs for this cycle aren’t called things like “Mixed Colours”, “40 Wash” and other such laundry-flavoured titles!

Just kidding of course. Spin is in reference to the corporations and the media spin they put on things and this cycle will see Bad Publicity playing more of a role. We’ll see how that progresses as we cover future packs, but for now, here are my picks from the first one – Opening Moves.


Hostage is a Double Event - a new mechanic for the game in which cards cost an additional click to play – and it has a great ability. This gives the Runner a means of finding the likes of Kati Jones and Mr Li from his stack, cards that can be vital to a Runner’s strategy. I also love the art on this card. I like how Thomas Haas isn’t necessarily on the side of his mother and the big, bad corporations.

One of two chess-related cards in this pack that will come into their own further down the line I think. Pawn, much like an actual pawn in chess, can progress down the board and when it gets to the end, can upgrade to something new – a new Caissa card. The only other Caissa card we have at this point is…….

For a click, Rook moves horizontally or vertically along Ice, raising the rez cost by 2. I have yet to have a go with this and will probably wait till we have more Caissa programs released; but this sounds like a great idea and will no doubt lead to some interesting play. Here’s hoping we’ll eventually have enough Caissa programs for a Runner to create a full chess-themed deck. The thinking man’s Anarch is emerging!

Pawn is also the first card in the game to get errata in the latest FAQ: Should read: “Whenever you make a successful run while Pawn is hosted on a piece of ice, move Pawn to the piece of ice directly after the current ice hosting Pawn, if able..."


Celebrity Gift
This fits perfectly with Jinteki’s way of doing things. Not only is this a good economy card for the poorest corp, but the mind-games you can play with this are fantastic. I’m going to show you this agenda in my hand. But I’m also going to show you these two snares as well. Go ahead and run HQ. Brilliant.

Jackson Howard
Hailed by many as the best card we’ve seen in a while and some say even the best in the game. This ability hurts Anarch mill decks, ruins an R&D run following a successful Indexing or even just puts those three Hedge Funds you’ve used back into your deck. Superb. And at just 1 influence, this is going in everyone’s deck.

NEXT Bronze
This Ice is nothing special on its own but can you imagine a whole suite of NEXT Ice when more get released? It’s going to be a monster if the Corporation can get it set up.

A great start to the new cycle. We should get Second Thoughts and Mala Tempora by the end of the year, so watch this space.

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