Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kinect - Was it worth it?

Whilst I am keeping my Xbox 360 when I get the Xbox One, I didn’t want to have two Kinect sensors sat under my TV and have to fanny about plugging the original in each time. With GAME offering me a poultry amount in trade-in value, I opted to sell it on ebay.

So now I don’t have the sensor nodding at me when I switch on the console, I got to wondering whether the purchase was worth it.

Sales figures-wise, Kinect has been a success and there have been some good games, but it would be blind optimism to state that it lived up to what we all hoped. I imagine, much like the Nintendo Wii, there are a hell of a lot of Kinects gathering dust out there.

Having said that, I used mine every day. Sure, I wasn’t jumping around in my front room on Kinect games all the time, but I did use the voice controls on the dashboard and on games like Mass Effect 3.

And the games I had for Kinect were good ones. The two Kinect Sports games were the crowning achievements of the peripheral and shouldn’t be missed; PowerUp Heroes turned out to be a surprisingly deep fighting experience and Child of Eden is up there with the best Xbox 360 games I’ve played.

The brilliance of Kinect lies not in the execution, but in the innovation and the attempt to push gaming forward. With Kinect 2.0 supplied with every Xbox One, developers will now be able to put more resources into utilising the technology, because they will know that players will have the peripheral.

For many who bought Kinect, they might say it was ultimately a waste of money. For me, it made for some good times with friends. And that’s money well spent.

Bring on Kinect 2.0.

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