Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Android: Netrunner - My Journey in a Dystopian Future - Part 13: Creation and Control - Haas-Bioroid

So we looked at one half of the Creation and Control expansion here. Well here’s the other half – Corporation cards for Haas-Bioroid, as well as some Neutral cards. Let’s start off with a look at the new identities.


Cerebral Imaging
At a standard 45/15, Cerebral Imaging allows your hand size to equal the number of credits in your credit pool. Great if you’re flush, because you can have plenty of options open to you, but if you’re struggling for cash, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Custom Biotics

This identity offers a whopping great 22 influence, but don’t be thinking you’re going to fill it with nasty tricks and traps, because the caveat is you can’t include Jinteki cards in this deck. Play this card and you’re telling your opponent the cards you don’t have.

NEXT Design
While this ability is only applicable at the start of the game and is dependent on you drawing Ice in that starting hand, it can be very affective and get you off to a good start. With an Ice-heavy deck, this Identity can be very useful.

Other cards

Amongst the other cards in Creation and Control there is a definite Bioroid theme – kind of obvious as it’s all Haas-Bioroid. Stronger Together -  the identity from the What Lies Ahead data pack - which strengthens all Bioroid Ice by 1, has certainly received a boost by this expansion with cards such as these taking advantage of Bioroid Ice:

Project Wotan

Awakening Center

Bioroid Efficiency Research

Despite this strengthening of the use of Bioroid Ice and the new HB identities, it can still be argued that the original Engineering the Future Identity is still the best. Gaining 1 credit the first time you install a card each turn cannot be underestimated and while some interesting decks will no doubt be made from the other identities, it’s still going to take something really special for HB players to completely abandon their original.

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