Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Android: Netrunner - My Journey in a Dystopian Future - Part 12: Creation and Control - Shaper

As the first cycle of data packs for Android: Netrunner draws to a close, we get our first deluxe expansion - Creation and Control.
Containing 55 new cards split between Shaper, Haas-Bioroid and neutral cards, we'll be looking at the Runner's side of things in this blog post, with a breakdown of the 3 new identities and then a selection of cards I deem to be of particular significance.


Great synergy with cards like Test Run and Scavenge that take advantage of cards in your heap, Exile will allow you to draw a card whenever you install a program from your heap - helping you get through your deck and reducing the need to splash Mr. Li or Wyldside.

The Professor
Now this is interesting. I haven't had a go with it yet, but this could really lead to some great decks that a fun to play. The problem with this ability is having enough memory to install all these programs. The joy of the deck is how random is could be. The Corp won't know what's coming next at all with The Professor.

Rielle 'Kit' Peddler
This identity probably got the most enthusiasm from players. If you get a decoder icebreaker in your opening hand, or at least early game, this can truly mess up the Corporation's plans. They will need to create two deep ice walls as quickly as they can to keep Kit out. Brilliant for making Shapers effective early game when they're used waiting until mid or late game before they get into gear.

Other cards

Pair this card up with Datasucker to manipulate the strength of the Ice you're facing and you have a very strong deck. So strong in fact that there are rumblings that this may have to be restricted. Personally, I'd rather see FFG release cards that will deal with Atman rather than having to ban, errata or restrict any cards, but we'll see what happens.

This is classic Shaper - manipulating the environment to how you need it to get through. I haven't tried it myself or had it done to me, but this feels like a strong card - hence the influence.

Self-Modifying Code
And here's another strong card. Being able to grab the icebreaker you need mid-run is an exceptional ability and this is what Self-Modifying Code is all about. I don't think the 2 memory cost is an issue as this will get trashed when it's used anyway. A very effective card.

The Source
With the Source we have an answer to fast advancing corp decks. The Advancement cost of agendas is increased by two while a The Source is in play. The Source does costs 2 and if the Runner is stealing an agenda it’s another 3 credits. It's the first neutral card that also costs influence and The Source has to be trashed whenever an Agenda is scored or stolen. In other words, this as “a” answer to fast advance, but perhaps not “the” answer. It won’t stop fast advance, but it will certainly slow it down.

Exploratory Romp
Not only does this card have fun art, it also has a fun and very useful ability. Playing against a corp like Jinteki and you're unsure whether or not the server you're running on has a Junebug waiting for you at the end, you can run it with this card, remove the advancement tokens and then run it again - thus taking the danger of landing on that trap out of the equation.

There are many more great cards for the Runner in Creation and Control and whatever faction you play, you should really consider picking it up. In the next Android: Netrunner blog update, we'll be looking at the Corporation side of the expansion to see what the suits at Haas-Bioroid have up their sleeves.

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