Sunday, 25 May 2014

Android: Netrunner #26: Double Time

Double Time is the final data pack in the Spin cycle and as you might expect, contains a lot of Doubles cards. Let's get straight into my highlights from the new additions.


You can see my use of this card in my Painting Kit posts Part 1 and Part 2, but basically this allows for a great deal of flexibility when building icebreakers into your deck and opens doors when running that might otherwise have been closed or at least closed for longer. It is click intensive and a rich Corp can build servers big enough to stop you, but this card is highly effective and good fun to play.
The Criminal's answer to Self-Modifying Code - kind of. You have to have the card you want in hand, but it gives you more options when face-checking Ice if you have this on the table.

Lucky Find 
If this didn't take up an Influence slot, Sure Gamble would be history, even with the Double click cost. As it is, Lucky Find is a good card that most will struggle to find the room for. 


Just look at those subroutines. Basically this one card can kill you. It's expensive for the Corp to rez (particularly Jinteki - though their economy is much improved of late), and ultimately, if the Runner has the money, they will probably take the damage from the first two subroutines and then pay to avoid the third. Nevertheless, this is great, deadly Ice.
NAPD Contract
Easily one of the best Agendas in the game right now. 2 for 4 and it costs the Runner 4 credits to steal. Brilliant.

Caprice Nisei
The card to make the biggest splash since Jackson Howard. What an ability this is. I can't see Caprice not being EVERYWHERE for the foreseeable future. Yes, she's unique and yes the Corp might lose the Psi-game, but they're going to win a lot of the time too, and this card is going to ruin your day.

The next cycle on the way is the Lunar cycle and that'll be bringing a whole new mechanic to the game called CurrentsI'm excited and you should be too.
First though, we'll have my highlights from Netrunner's second deluxe expansion - Honour and Profit. Stay tuned.

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