Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Android: Netrunner - My Journey in a Dystopian Future - Part 19: True Colours

I know, I know, I'm getting behind on the data packs again! Here are my highlights from True Colours.


Make a run on R&D and then trash one of the top 3 cardfs when you get there, even if it cannot normally be trashed. Then the Corp shuffles R&D. So you might not be accessing any cards, but it can't be underestimated how disruptive this could be to the Corp's game. And that's exactly what Anarch are all about.

Check out that ability against Destroyer Ice and consider this: it smashes through Archer for 3 credits.

If it wasn't for the flexibility of Femme Fatale, I'd seriously be considering this for my new Criminal deck. Yes it's 2 MU slots, but Garrote is worth a look when deciding on your sentry breaker.


 Panic Button
From the art and the flavour text to this card's name and ability, Panic Button isone of the best examples of how well Netrunner's theme is portrayed in the game. The Runner breaks into HQ and the Corp keeps coughing up the credits to fill his hand to minimise an agenda grab.

Punitive Counterstrike
Good grief. If Scorched Earth wasn't enough, a rich Corp now has this at his disposal to flatline you. 

A great card this and it's all about the placing. If the Runner can't bypass this, he may well jack out rather than carry on into something nasty he can't pay money to break. Then again you might want to just put it in front of a Fetal AI to really annoy them.

My highlights from the fifth data pack - Fear and Loathing - coming soon. Probably.

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