Sunday, 2 March 2014

A:NR Server Interruption: It doesn't happen without help

As we approach the 20th article in my Android: Netrunner series, it’s time to look back for the first time. Before I discovered Netrunner, this blog had modest view stats, but when I began to write about my journey through this dystopian future, things really kicked off. At the time of writing, there are 6 Netrunner articles in my top 10 most viewed.

Now I’d like to attribute this to the quality of the writing and the insightful thoughts and opinions I give on this Living Card Game, but I know these are amateur scribblings at best. No, the real success has been down to the support from those who read the series and share it with others.

The Netrunner community of Twitter is an enthusiastic one and there are a number of people who have supported this blog with retweets and kind words.

Here is a shoutout to these fine folks. You’ll do well to follow them on Twitter via the links below. Also be sure to check out their Twitter profiles, as many have their own blogs or sites you can pay a visit.:

Ferrous Terran
Gordian Blade
Kent Valentine
Erik Twice

Team Covenant (Check out their site here and their YouTube channel)

Be sure also to check out the podcasts from these fine folks, from whom I draw my inspiration:

Breaking News

Corp Draw
Agenda 7
Terminal 7

There will be those I've missed out by mistake and there are others who don't play Netrunner themselves, but nevertheless take the time out to support this blog. To all of you, I give my thanks.


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