Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Kotheous Campaign - Pt.3: Prologue Mission - The Signal: Battle Report

A change was made going into the game. I decided not to include the Skyshield landing pad and instead opted for the signal to be emitting from a crashed spacecraft in the middle of the field.

For the Battle Report for warllama40k's ongoing campaign can be found here.

Turn One
Loaded with two combat squads of Blood Claws and Wolf Lord Johan, the rhino sped onto the field of battle, heading straight for the objective. On its left, effortlessly keeping pace was the hulking form of the Space Wolves Dreadnought.
All Eldar units except the Farseer arrived from reserve in turn one – the jetbikes moving cautiously in from the right board edge; the Dire Avengers joining them, but making a run towards the objective; the Guardians and War Walker moved in from the top table edge, their weapons aimed at the incoming rhino, but two shots from the starcannon missed the speeding vehicle entirely.
Turn Two
Pulling up in front of the objective, Wolf Lord Johan stepped out of the rhino, quickly followed by the two blood claw squads. Squad Alpha headed towards the objective, teeth bared. Meanwhile, the dreadnought turned and headed around the back of the bastion with the War Walker in its sights.
The Farseer arrived from reserve in the Eldar’s second turn and immediately displayed his powers, firing a Mind War psychic power at Squad Alpha, killing a marine. First Blood to the Eldar.
In the centre of the field, the War Walker levelled its pair of scatter lasers at Squad Alpha and killed another.

Turn Three
Bloodlust got the better of Squad Alpha in turn three, as they left the objective and charged the War Walker. Wolf Lord Johan moved to aid the young Wolves against the War Walker when the Dreadnought failed to damage it, but the assault was ineffective.

The Eldar Farseer once again fired Mind War – this time on the Wolf Lord, wounding him. The Dire Avengers moved onto the objective and unleashed a barrage of catapult fire with their Exarch’s Bladestorm ability, completely wiping out Squad Beta! 

Turn Four
In turn four the combat between the Blood Claws and the War Walker raged, two of the marines falling and the Eldar pilot getting stunned.
Finally, the Dreadnought and Wolf Lord wrecked the War Walker, but Johan was killed along with another marine, the final member of Alpha retreated towards the top table edge.

Turn Five
The Dreadnought attacked the Dire Avengers, who suffered casualties but managed to get away and the final Blood Claw charged the 10-strong squad of Eldar Guardians, slaying two with his chainsword.

In the Eldar turn, the crowd of Dire Avengers parted and the Farseer stepped between them, his glowing witchblade pointing at the massive bulk of the Space Wolves Dreadnought. While the centuries old machine towered above the Eldar warrior, the power of the arcane blade could not be matched, wrecking the Dreadnought outright.
With a roll of the dice, the battle ended with an Eldar victory. They controlled the objective and also scored First Blood and Slay the Warlord.
The remaining Space Wolves made a tactical withdrawal, knowing this battle for Kotheous had only just begun……..

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