Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Xbox One / PS4 - The Decision

For those of you who read my E3 2013 post, will know that my console allegiance was in turmoil following the event. It wasn’t that Microsoft had had a bad conference, but Sony had hit all the right buttons and said everything we wanted to hear.
So in the days that followed I took it upon myself to try and get excited about a console I’d not even considered getting. I started to watch videos for PS4 exclusives and read articles about its features. And to be honest, as conflicted as I was, I think I was getting there.
But then I had a change of heart. I re-read articles about the Xbox One’s features and I watched videos on games coming exclusively to the platform. I realised that all Sony had done was give us a few nice soundbytes, aimed directly at snatching those early adopters from Microsoft. What they hadn’t done was show me how good their console is. I feared with the PS4 that I’d be getting a PS3 with slightly prettier graphics. Where’s the innovation?
The Xbox One on the other hand are using Kinect, instant switching, the Cloud, streaming, tv, the whole ball of wax.
So I decided I would continue to back them.
And then, just a week or so after E3, Microsoft made a massive u-turn on their policies – now allowing trade-ins, lending and sharing as is the case now with current consoles and the Xbox One will no longer require an Internet connection beyond a one-time connection at set up.
And that sealed the deal for me. While I was concerned that it might be a step back technology-wise just to appease gamers who have become increasingly entitled Internet haters of late, I was pleased to have the restrictions lifted.
In the end, it’s about the games and Xbox One has the best exclusives along with the best controller, the best-looking of the two consoles and Kinect.
Bring on November.

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