Sunday, 22 September 2013

A:NR Server Interruption: Plugged In

Recently Fantasy Flight Games announced the Plugged In Tour – a series of tournaments held throughout North America. The interesting thing about this is that those participating in these events will be able to vote on two new identities that have been revealed. The ultimate winner will be added to the game, the other will be “derezzed forever”.

Let’s take a look at the two cards:

So which way do we think the voting will go. On the one hand people might think, well Shaper have just had an influx of new identities as part of the Creation and Control expansion, so let’s give Criminal a new one and go with Laramy Fisk. Then again, everyone knows Criminal will be getting their own half of an expansion at some point in the future, so they’ll get their identities then.

I would probably vote for Fisk myself because I prefer the artwork, but I think it will ultimately go to The Collective because it is something different – 3 people on the card, a minimum deck size of 55, a restriction to 5 influence despite the larger deck – all of which will lead to some interesting decks.

Not to disappoint the rest of the world, Fantasy Flight have also announced the Chronos Protocol International Tour. This is happening next year and no cards have been revealed for this, though we are told there will be a similar voting process as the Plugged In Tour.

Keep your eyes the on the FFG Website for more news.

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