Sunday, 27 April 2014

Android: Netrunner #23: Fear and Loathing

I've fallen behind again. Two data packs to catch up on and a big box on the horizon! You know how this works by now - here are my picks from Fear and Loathing.


It’s a lot of money to install and I’ve found that once your Infiltrations and Satellite Uplinks have gone, the Corp can ride this out, but it is great fun to play and if you can get this out early its affect can be crippling for your opponent. Get into those servers when you have the chance though because Blackguard’s window of effectiveness is quite small.
This card has been been causing some serious damage in my local meta. If the Runner finds the Corp with a bunch of unrezzed Ice and at least one Bad Publicity, Blackmail is going to sale right through.
Trying to get that Ice rezzed in whatever way they can and getting rid of bad publicity where possible is the Corp’s only defences. This is a major card that will see a lot of play.
Pairing this with Alpha (the exact same breaker but for use on the outermost piece of Ice), Alpha/Omega decks could be a big thing at some point if the Runner can get around the cost.
In the short term though, I think this will mostly find its place with Kit. As her ability is to change the first Ice encountered to a Code Gate, once she has this and a decoder out, she's going to be away to the races, forcing the Corp to have 3 deep Ice.


GRNDL: Power Unleashed
10 credits to start the game is massive. Assuming you get an economy card in your opening turn too, it means you can rez some serious Ice for the Runner to face plant into. You’ll want to dump that bad publicity as soon as you can though or Blackmail is going to be all over you.
GRNDL Refinery
This card works great in Jinteki where the Runner may not take on a twice advanced card, thinking it’s a trap. Rez this on your next turn and advance twice more and you have 16 credits.
Wonderful Jinteki mind games. Have this over R&D, take a look at the top card - whatever it is you could leave it there and then the Runner may well just jack out if he thinks it's a trap. And of course, if is an agenda, you have the option of sending it to the bottom of your deck where he can't get it. But then you're probably not getting it either!

Coming soon - my highlights from Double Time, the final pack in the Spin cycle.

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