Sunday, 27 May 2012

About Me - Part Five: Videogames

It all started with Prince of Persia.
It was pretty much our first computer at home and there it was – a game so ahead of its time and a game that still holds up today. I was obsessed with all the running, jumping and sword-fighting of that strangely blonde-haired Prince.
From there I got a ZX Spectrum – my first game being Strider and the last – before moving onto the Megadrive – was Golden Axe. This is a game synonymous with the Sega Megadrive, but I will always remember it fondly on the Spectrum. It was a machine on the way out, yet here was Golden Axe in full colour with gameplay every bit as good as on the new consoles.
The Sega Megadrive introduced me to the Madden and NHL series, and I’m still paying for that all these years later. I also became obsessed with Road Rash II and I still believe there is no multiplayer game out there to match Micro Machines 96.
My PC gaming continued during this time with the likes of Civilization, Sim City, Theme Park and of course, Wolfenstein and Doom.

Onto the PlayStation I went, ploughing hours and hours into Smackdown 2 and discovering Grand Theft Auto in the process.
While everyone moved onto the PS2, I got my taste of more advanced games thanks to a new PC. Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell were the main players.
I eventually bought a PS2 myself, savouring the delights of NHL and Madden 2004, Call of Duty, Metal Gear and my favourite – Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

And now here were are, up to date with the Xbox 360 in the very best generation of gaming yet. I’ve no idea what the future holds on the gaming front, but – providing real life doesn’t get in the way – I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

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