Thursday, 17 May 2012

Alien Neet

On the eve of the release of Modern Warfare 3 last November, two of my mates and I played Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops back to back in a 2 hour session.
Apart from it being a great way to spend an evening, an interesting perspective came out of it all. When a new game is released in the series, it takes on the role of the “best one”. The go-to game in your collection.
But never before had we played them back to back like that, and in doing so we saw more closely how the games had evolved. We saw what worked and what didn’t.
It’s quite possible that this experience will be repeated this Sunday, just in a different medium.
On Sunday, myself (@Dodd81), Jack (@ASTR0_ZOMBIe) and Mark (@MarkoVanDamms) will be holding……..Alien Neet.
From about 1pm, we will be watching all four Alien films back to back.
I’ve no idea how I’ll feel about the individual films when we come out the other side, so I’ll document what they are to me now and we’ll see how things change.
Alien – the horror masterpiece. You never get over seeing it. Truly a piece of cinema art.
Aliens – the sci-fi shoot-em up. In my mind, one of the greatest action movies ever.
Alien 3 – a dark, gritty film from an exceptional talent in David Fincher. An underated addition to the series.
Alien Resurrection – back to sci-fi and a completely different Ripley – only a couple of scenes hinting at the woman she once was. A decent film judged on its own merits, but Alien Neet will decide if it really fits comfortably into the franchise. The Newborn human-alien hybrid though? Absolute turd.
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