Sunday, 13 May 2012

About Me - Part One: Films

The two mates I hang around with most are Nick (who you can follow on Twitter here.) and Rich. Whenever we are at a pub quiz, Nick's specialist subjects would be music and TV. Rich has no specialist subject - he just knows everything. He's like our Yoda. 

My subject is films. I'm not saying I'm a film-buff or anything, but I have retained a lot of useless information from the films I've seen. 

I could go on all day with my list of top films in various categories, but my favourite film is Casablanca. I decided that only a few months ago after years of being unable to answer the question. 

I like all kinds of films - action, horror, animated, foreign, whatever. I also appreciate that movies are made to entertain, so you won't catch me piling the hate onto the likes of Transformers like everyone else, because for me - it does what it's supposed to - entertain me with massive robots scrapping.

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