Saturday, 19 May 2012

About Me - Part Four: Comics

I started out, as many did, with Dandy. You know, Desperate Dan and all that. I wasn’t a fan of the Beano. I even dabbled with Roy of the Rovers before I realised football was rubbish.

But then, I was in my local papershop in August 1993 - probably buying some wrestling stickers – when something caught my eye on the shelf. This was staring back at me…..

BLAMMO! And the world changed.

What was this? Who was this character? Could this look any more awesome?
I had to have it. I coughed up 60p of my spending money there and then and was treated to a revelation. 2000AD - Judge Dredd, Big Dave, Slaughterbowl, Maniac 5. It was grown up, it was dark and edgy. And it was magnificent.

I got several more issues before it tailed off, but I picked it up again a few years later. And then again later still. I eventually stopped altogether because it was getting too expensive for a weekly, but it all stayed with me.

Apart from through films and TV, my real intro to superhero comics was a random purchase of Trinity 1 at Meadowhall's The Last Picture Show.

And I never looked back. Superheroes, especially Superman and Batman, would be a permanent fixture in my life from then on. And I have Judge Dredd and that 60p comic in 1993 to thank for it.


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